It’s a free promotional offering offered by online gambling websites and online casino trial bonus websites. You don’t deposit anything and get a bonus in return. You didn’t read that right, you’ll get a bonus in return just for making a single deposit. Moreover, in the rare occasion that you do win a jackpot, you’ll get it in worth of millions of dollars.

This promotion is available at online gambling sites like PokerStars, Ultimate Bet, Realtime Gaming, PartyPoker, etc. These websites offer this free spins bonus on their main homepage, where you’ll see the live casino display. Moreover, there are direct links to the ‘My Results’ section from which you can check your real time performance and see if you’re getting enough bankroll for the duration of the promotion. Most importantly, these casinos allow you to play free games after playing one free spin. This is a very attractive feature offered by the online gambling sites to encourage people to play more and increase the number of players at their website.

There are two types of players – those who want to play the game for the first time and those who want to participate in the trial period. Both these players should be aware of some basic rules about bonus-based payments, as bonuses don’t appear in the normal manner when you make a deposit. Before the start of the trial period, players have a few options to choose from – to switch over to the regular gambling mode and take the money from the account of the casino, or to transfer the bonus-earned money to their live casino account. The latter option is obviously preferable for players who have already played a certain amount of hands and are ready to withdraw. In either case, the money can’t be withdrawn or used to gamble until the trial period is over. Also, if a player wishes to cash out the bonus-earned amount, he has to withdraw it from his account, otherwise it remains valid.

During the trial period, there are no deposits involved and the player gets the money bonus amount without having to make any purchase at the casino. This offers great convenience to players who want to practice their skills without spending any money. So even if they don’t intend to play at the site for a long time, they can do so under this arrangement. Also, players need not be anxious about the money being spent in the casinos if they don’t wish to gamble. They can use the money bonus just like they would using normal gambling money.

Other online casino bonuses comprise of special offers like the comp points bonus, whereby players make regular deposits into their account that accumulate to a certain amount. After a fixed number of days, they can redeem the same towards the purchase of a new ticket or the deposit of a new wagering code. This comp points bonus is good to those players who wish to play a lot and win a lot. Apart from comp points, some casinos also offer double the comp points and some double the cash prize as well. These double payments are also meant to attract more players to sign up with the casinos.

Finally, there is the casino loyalty bonus. This is another incentive plan implemented by the casinos to lure new players. Players may, at times, get a certain number of entry free entries into the special casino tournaments. Additionally, certain amounts may be credited to the player’s account each time he deposits an amount into his bank account. These special casino loyalty bonuses make online casino gaming all the more interesting for players.